Funded by: MWK Baden-Württemberg

Research Group: Digitally supported teaching-learning settings for cognitive activation

Research Group focus: The research group “Di.ge.LL” aims to develop and empirically substantiate technology-enriched research-based teaching-learning methods for use in authentic learning scenarioes within nine subprojects. A key interest is students’ cognitive activation while developing new knowledge.

Project 8: Understanding data structures in statistical simulations

Project management Frank Reinhold, Timo Leuders, Katharina Loibl
Funded by MWK Baden-Württemberg
Funding period Aug 01, 2021 to Jul 31, 2024

Project goal: In project 8, students develop a conceptual understanding for comparing two data sets with the help of a digital simulation tool. For this, the boxplot is a suitable representation, but its interpretation can be hampered by specific misconceptions. We will develop a digital simulation tool for explorative data analysis, with the help of which learners can answer stimulus questions for the pairwise comparison of two data sets on the basis of one-dimensional point clouds. In a subsequent teacher-supported phase, appropriate refutation examples are used to contrast the errors in the student products. We investigate whether and how a digital learning environment can support goal-directed cognitive activities—i.e., in an individual phase, the generation of partially intuitive-erroneous pre-concepts, and in a subsequent teacher-guided phase, the systematization of the learning-promoting contrasting of errors by means of refutation examples.

Frank Reinhold
Frank Reinhold
Professor of Mathematics Education

I am currently working as a professor of mathematics education at University of Education Freiburg.